dr_heath Welcome to MIMO Wireless Inc..

MIMO stands for multiple-input multiple-output and refers to the communication channel created with multiple transmit and receive antennas. Since their initial development in the 1990’s, MIMO wireless communication has become a part of most upcoming commercial and next generation wireless communication systems.

MIMO Wireless Inc. is a consulting company. It was founded by Dr. Robert W. Heath Jr., a renowned expert in MIMO communication technology. MIMO Wireless Inc. employs Dr. Heath and other experts to execute research projects in the broad areas of wireless communication.

MIMO Wireless Inc. has expertise in cellular systems include GSM, 3GPP, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, and 3GPP Long Term Evolution Advanced, wireless local area networks including IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac/ad, personal are networks including IEEE 802.15.3c, millimeter wave communication especially 60 GHz communication systems, as well as HF communication and visible light communication.

MIMO Wireless Inc. can assist in understanding the complex technology surrounding modern wireless communication systems.